The Future of Music Industry

Where Blockchain Technology Meets Performance Rights Organizations (PROs)

Unlock the full potential of the music industry with ProCoin. We're leveraging blockchain to bring transparency, efficiency, and immediate financial benefits to all stakeholders. Your involvement can make this concept a revolutionary reality.

Objectives and Scope

What We Aim To Do

Data Sovereignty

Full control and ownership of data for artists and stakeholders


Immutable and verified transaction records


A scalable and agile system

Financial Sustainability

Self-funding through robust tokenomics.

Core Features

Why We're Different

Immutable Records

Public, transparent ledgers for royalty distributions.

Anonymized Compliance

Ensuring privacy and security in data storage.

Data Monetization

Open new revenue streams for artists.

Proposed Solutions

How We'll Do It

Data Feedback Loop

Real-time data analysis for better decision-making.

Blackbox Schema

Secure, efficient data sharing without direct relationships.

Custom Blockchain

High security, low cost.

Partnerships and Strategy

Who's With Us

Industry Engagement is lower

We're partnering with existing PROs and platforms.

Legal Compliance isn't even

Full adherence to intellectual property and data protection laws.

Community Outreach

Engaging the artist community through social media and events.

Future Plans

What's Next

Secure Wallet

For data and financial transactions. 

Sector Expansion

Beyond PROs to retail and healthcare. 

Tokenomics Evolution

Adapting for future growth.


Join Us Now and Reap the Benefits

For PROs

50% reduced transaction fees.

For Artists

Bonus tokens upon registration.

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